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frequently asked questions

Can we perform the same songs at nationals as we did at regionals?
Yes, that is completely up to you and won’t affect the judging of your performance. 

Can we add new members to our chorus after qualifying for nationals?

Yes, as per the contest rules (see the resources tab) this is allowed.

Can members of my competing quartet or chorus be from more than one school?

Yes, as per the contest rules (see the resources tab) this is allowed.

Do I need to purchase sheet music for the songs that I am competing with?
By competing in our competitions, all competitors and their schools assume responsibility for legally obtaining sheet music for the songs that they perform.

Is there a regional contest in my area?
We currently have four active regions - Christchurch, Wellington, Waikato and Auckland. If you would like to contact one of our regional coordinators concerning registrations, you can find their contact information here. Groups from outside these areas may travel to their nearest region to compete, or may submit a video submission.

What categories can I enter?

There are two main streams - chorus and quartet. To enter our main secondary schools contest all members must be current secondary school students (members may attend different schools). To enter the 25 & Under contest all members must be aged 25 & Under (may be a mix of members who are no longer students and members who are still at school).

There are three categories you can enter: Upper Voices, Lower Voices and mixed Voices

I am no longer a secondary school student, can I still compete?
Yes! We have a category called the 25 & Under category. Anyone aged 25 or under can compete in this category in either the Upper Voices, Lower Voices or Mixed Voices category. You will be competing against any other competitors in the 25 & Under category - it is separate to our main schools competition.

How many people do I need in my group to enter the chorus competition?

According to the current contest rules, you need a minimum of nine people to enter as a chorus. If you have less people in your group, you can contact us to discuss further. 

What is the YSIH National Convention?
The YSIH National Convention is a two-day event comprising the national quartet finals, national chorus finals and the Parade of Champions showcase event which closes the convention. Winning groups and wildcards from the regional contests will travel from around NZ to compete at the national convention. There are usually over 600 students competing.

Where and when is the national convention held?
It is usually held towards the end of Term 3, commonly in September.

What kind of music do you need to sing to enter YSIH competitions?

Four-part harmony, a cappella barbershop music.

I don’t know what to sing in my contest package! Can you help?
We are in the process of putting together a spreadsheet with examples of songs suitable for our contests, which will include audio or video links and links to where you can purchase the sheet music. Watch this space. 

Still have questions? Contact us so we can help.

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