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how to submit

Film your quartet or chorus performing their contest package (two songs) in front of an audience. The audience doesn’t have to be large. Make sure the camera is facing the group and that it is not shaky - ideally have the camera or phone on a tripod.

Please upload your video to YouTube or a similar video platform, and email the link to us at Let us know the name of your group, the category they are entering, the name and location of your school (if applicable) and a contact name and phone number.

2024 submission deadline

Videos must be received before Monday 10th June 2024.


Our team will contact you within ten days of your submission.

Questions? Visit the FAQ Page or Contact Us.

video submissions

If you don’t live in one of our contest regions, or can’t make it on the regional contest date, you can submit a video entry. This video will be assessed by our team for potential wildcard qualification into the national finals.

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